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Becoming an Approved Provider

The BOC Approved Provider Program was established to provide BOC Certified Athletic Trainers (ATs) with an extensive network of continuing education (CE) providers. BOC Approved Providers help ATs advance their knowledge, skills and abilities by offering CE courses and activities that fall under the domains of athletic training as defined in the current BOC Role Delineation/Practice Analysis. Participation in these approved programs helps ATs maintain BOC certification and select programs specific to their needs.

BOC Approved Providers offer CE to almost 45,000 BOC Certified Athletic Trainers.

BOC Approved Providers are required to meet a new set of standards for their continuing education programs effective January 1, 2016. BOC Approved Providers who continue to participate in the program must to comply with the Standards for BOC Approved Providers.

Application & Requirements

Application to Obtain Status as a BOC Approved Provider for 2016
Click here to access the 2016 BOC Approved Provider application in BOC Central™.

Benefits & Services

Participating in the BOC Approved Provider Program allows you to be knowledgeable, visible, connected and resourceful. The success of your education programs is important to the BOC. Below are some benefits and services offered exclusively to you, as a BOC Approved Provider.

Be Knowledgeable
You will be provided with useful information to help you understand the roles and responsibilities of BOC Approved Providers as well as assistance with program development and promotion.

Be Visible
You are encouraged to include the BOC Approved Provider logo on marketing materials and websites to let ATs know you’re the one to meet their educational needs. The BOC Approved Provider Directory is an online listing of all current and expired BOC Approved Providers. You will manage and promote all of your CE programs on the BOC website.

Be Connected
Coming soon, the Approved Provider Network will be an online forum that will allow you to connect with other BOC Approved Providers to discuss current trends, issues and best practices in providing CE programs. All BOC Approved Providers will be invited to participate in the forum.

The AP Update is a semi-annual publication for BOC Approved Providers. This newsletter contains the latest information about CE, news from the BOC and trends in athletic training.

The BOC helps to promote CE programs and services with a variety of print and electronic opportunities to reach ATs and grow your audience. Opportunities include mailing lists and e-blast services, web space on the BOC website, print advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Connect with the BOC through social media and reach thousands of ATs.

Be Resourceful
The BOC works to support you through developing and providing numerous resources. These are easily accessible and can be found on the BOC website. Some of the resources include templates and examples for all BOC requirements, as well as “how-to” videos.


The following videos were created to help you, the BOC Approved Provider, learn more about providing continuing education to Athletic Trainers.

Becoming a BOC Approved Provider for 2016 Tools for the BOC Approved Provider