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Market Your Certification

Your certification is valuable. You’ve worked hard to earn your credential – now show it off and promote the profession with these options. Spread the word about the athletic training healthcare profession and how being a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer (AT) positively impacts the world. You can Be Certain.™ that we are here to support you and answer your questions. We stand behind you and your ATC® credential.

Maximize Your Certification

Know your value
According to a white paper by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence1:
  • 86% of managers said they would hire a certified nurse over a non-certified nurse, all else being equal
  • 91% of consumers rated board certification as “important” or “very important,” according to a survey by the American Board of Medical Specialties
  • Certified safety professionals earn 26% more than their non-certified counterparts
Purchase and download the most current Role Delineation/Practice Analysis
It is imperative to own a current BOC Role Delineation/Practice Analysis (RD/PA) if you are a BOC Certified AT. The RD/PA is a book that serves as a job analysis demonstrating the AT's knowledge and skills in providing health care for athletes of all kinds. The BOC works to protect the public by identifying individuals who are competent to practice the profession of athletic training. Consistent with this mission, the primary function of the athletic training exam is to assess competence in the discipline of athletic training and the role of an AT. Passing the exam indicates that the AT has satisfied eligibility criteria established by the BOC and achieved a level of ability consistent with requirements for competence in athletic training.

Please click here to order.

Learn about NCCA accreditation
The BOC is the only accredited AT certification program in the US. The BOC has been accredited by the NCCA since 1982 by demonstrating compliance with strict accreditation standards. Please click here for more information on NCCA accreditation.

Utilize NATA references
BOC Certified ATs can be found almost anywhere people are physically active. Please click here to read more about the various work settings in which ATs are employed.

1Henderson, J., Biel, M., Harman, L., Wickett, J., & Young, P. (2012). A look at the value of professional certification. Institute for Credentialing Excellence.

Market Yourself

Make your face known in your community as a healthcare professional
Publicize your status as a BOC Certified AT by sending a press release to your local newspaper (see sample).
Please note that the linked PDF is only a sample press release. The BOC logos may not be used in the press release that you create. Please call (877) 262-3926 ext. 123 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to request an official press release on BOC letterhead.

Announce your accomplishment to friends, family, associations and followers
Click on the Twitter icon and share your news on other social media. Be Certain.™ to connect with the BOC on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
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Display a BOC certification plaque or certificate
Order a plaque or graphically designed certificate with gold embossed BOC logo and seal of certification to proudly display your BOC certification.

Public Relations

Use proper terminology when talking about the profession with the public, such as using "Certified Athletic Trainer" instead of “Trainer” and “athletic training facility” instead of “athletic training room.” Also read about the proper treatment of degrees, licenses and credentials.

Speak at a high school career fair and educate prospective students about the profession.

Present to parent teacher organizations, booster clubs and other community groups about the expertise ATs have in reducing risk and saving lives.

Speak to the directors of hiring or personnel to help them understand your education and training and the importance of hiring a certified and licensed AT. This will allow them to target ATs and correctly write position announcements.

Respond to the media when “trainer” is used and exemplify your role as an Athletic Trainer when you have opportunities with the media. This is a great opportunity to educate them.

Get Involved

Read and comment on the BOC blog. Be on the BOC blogging team, and share your athletic training stories. To contribute, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Learn about other BOC volunteer opportunities.