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BOC Certified Athletic Trainers (ATs) may resign their certification by completing a resignation form in BOC Central™. A resigned certification means the AT has retired or discontinued his/her practice as an AT. The individual’s status will be listed as “Expired.” The appropriate state agencies and NATA will be notified when an AT resigns. Please review the information below to see if resigning your certification is the right choice for you.
  1. A BOC Certified AT who wishes to resign his/her certification and have his/her status changed from Certified to Expired must notify the BOC by completing the resignation form:
    • log in to BOC Central™
    • in the "Forms" section, select "Complete/Review a Form"
    • select AT299 - Resignation Request (which can initially be found in the "New Forms" tab)
    • complete and submit the form
  2. The status of Certified is defined as certification in good standing; individuals may practice as authorized by the BOC
  3. The status of Expired is defined as certification voluntarily resigned for reasons unrelated to disciplinary proceedings
  4. The state athletic trainer regulatory agency where you reside will be notified of the change in your certification status
  5. The NATA will be notified of the change in your certification status
  6. If you currently serve as a supervisor to students in an athletic training education program, please check with the program director to determine your supervisor/preceptor eligibility per CAATE requirements
  7. You will agree to discontinue:
    • Presenting yourself to the public as a practicing BOC Certified Athletic Trainer
    • Using the initials "ATC" or "C.A.T." after your name*
    • Serving as an exam item writer for the BOC certification exam

    *The designation "AT Ret." may be used to indicate that an individual was once a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer.