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No. When confirming BOC exam applications, you are only verifying enrollment and graduation status. This includes confirmation that students are currently registered or enrolled in their final semester or that they have already graduated. You also must confirm that the graduation date provided by the candidate is accurate.

By confirming a student’s application for the BOC exam, you are not attesting to the student’s character, knowledge, skills and abilities needed to pass the exam or to perform as an Athletic Trainer.
If the date is off by a few days, this is not an issue. You can approve the form.

If the date is off by a quarter, semester or year, or if the student entered their birthday, click “Reject” on Step 1 and enter the reason why the form is being rejected. The candidate will receive an email notification that the form has been rejected. Then, he or she will be directed to correct Step 1 and to resubmit the form for approval.
Yes. You and the candidate must complete a Notification of Change in Anticipated Date of Graduation Form and submit it to the BOC.
The candidate and either you or an officer in the registrar’s office must submit a written explanation explaining the discrepancy to the BOC.
In the "Forms" section, click "Inbox." The form for Step 1 is located there.

If you do not see the inbox when you first log in to BOC Central™, please make sure you have validated your personal information. You can do so by clicking the "Verify Record And Agree To License Terms Below" button. Then, if you still do not see the inbox link in the left side navigation, please log out and close your internet browser. When you open a new browser window and log in again, the inbox should be there.