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About BOC

About BOC


Provide exceptional credentials and standards the public can trust


Lead credentialing excellence globally


Exhibit INTEGRITY through transparency, honesty, and accountability

Uphold FAIRNESS through quality credentialing standards and practices

Foster a devoted SERVICE culture through a commitment to exceed stakeholder expectations

Promote COLLABORATION through strong partnerships and diverse perspectives

BOC Strategic Plan

Meet our Team


The BOC strives to create a diverse and inclusive culture, valuing employees with distinct backgrounds and experiences. The BOC environment allows for creative and analytical thinkers to provide feedback on how the organization can continue to grow and improve. The BOC works to build a welcoming workplace that puts a strong focus on individual strengths, teamwork and enabling both personal and professional growth.

  • Anne Minton, MBA, ICE-CCP

    Chief Executive Officer

    Ext: 112


  • Sharon Robson, MHR, SPHR

    Chief Staff Officer

    Ext: 111


  • Kendra Aspegren

    Vice President of Technology and Special Projects

    Ext: 122


  • Stephanie Boldt, MAcc

    Vice President of Operations

    Ext: 124


  • Shannon Fleming, MA, ICE-CCP, AT Ret.

    Vice President of Credentialing

    Ext: 114


  • Heather Collins, MLS

    Director of Continuing Professional Development

    Ext: 120


  • Ian Hembry, PhD

    Director of Psychometrics and Examinations

    Ext: 136


  • James Higgins

    Director of Software Engineering

    Ext: 118


  • Joni Williams, MA

    Director of Marketing and Communications

    Ext: 138


  • Nathan Burns, MS, ATC

    Exam Development Manager

    Ext: 116


  • Jason Graham, PhD, LAT, ATC

    Professional Practice Manager

    Ext: 121


  • Mindy Lindquist

    Approved Provider Specialist

    Ext: 119


  • Miranda Newell

    Board & Volunteer Programs Manager

    Ext: 117


  • Alex Noto

    Senior Software Engineer

    Ext: 137


  • Ashley Rubalcava

    Credentialing Operations Manager

    Ext: 128


  • Teresa Barker

    Volunteer Administrative Coordinator

    Ext: 110


  • David Besonen

    Associate Software Engineer

    Ext: 137


  • Allen Helms, MBA

    Technical Business Analyst

    Ext: 130


  • Lisa Mutize

    Credentialing Operations Associate

    Ext: 113


  • Cherie Trimberger

    Marketing and Communications Specialist

    Ext: 123


  • Tara Wasikowski

    Office Operations Coordinator

    Ext: 129


  • Jessica Wickersham

    Credentialing Operations Associate

    Ext: 127


  • Lindsey Williams

    Credentialing Operations Associate

    Ext: 126


Meet our Board

Board of Directors

The BOC is governed by its Board of Directors, each responsible for making decisions that are in the best interest of the organization, ensuring it follows local, state and federal laws, bylaws, policies and procedures, while advancing the mission.

The Board of Directors consists of BOC Certified Athletic Trainer Directors, a Physician Director, a Public Director and a Corporate/Educational Director.

Contact the Board
  • René Revis Shingles

    PhD, AT, ATC ('24)

    President, Athletic Trainer Director

    Central Michigan University

  • Chris Ashton

    MS, LAT, ATC

    Vice President Athletic Trainer Director ('25)*

    Twin Cities Orthopedics

  • TBD

    Physician Director

  • Christina Chapski

    EdD, AT, ATC ('24)*

    Athletic Trainer Director Nominating Committee Board Liaison

    Henry Ford Health

  • Brian Conway

    LAT, ATC ('25)*

    Corporate/Educational Director

    University of Kansas Health System

  • Robin Jenkins

    MSW, DCSW, CPM, ICE-CCP, CAE ('26)

    Public Director

    International Consultants of Delaware

  • TBD

    Athletic Trainer Director

  • Jeremy Marra

    MS, ATC, CSCS, CES ('26)*

    Athletic Trainer Director IDEAS Committee Board Liaison

    Athletic Training Services by Jeremy Marra PLLC

  • Lynne-Marie Young

    Lynne-Marie Young, M.Ed, LAT, ATC ('26)*

    Athletic Trainer Director International Committee Board Liaison

    Orthopedic Physicians Alaska

  • Bonnie Van Lunen


    Athletic Trainer Director

    Old Dominion University

  • Anne Minton


    Chief Executive Officer

    Board of Certification, Inc.

*Eligible for reappointment

Annual Reports

Annual Reports are valuable for several reasons.

These include:

Highlighting news in continuing education, collaboration, standards of practice and discipline

Communicating the value of the BOC certification and ensures we are providing the highest quality health care to our patients, while ensuring the protection of the public

Demonstrating the BOC Board of Directors and staff are committed to providing you with timely information

Download 2023 Annual Report

AT Exam Reports

The BOC administers the exam five times a year (February, April, June, August, and October). The BOC exam year begins with the April exam administration and ends with the February exam administration the following year.

The Practice Analysis is the blueprint used in the construction of the exam.

Due to COVID, the exam was offered four times during the 2020-2021 exam year (February, June, August, and October).


PA Version 8
Number of First Time Testers: 2,285
Number Passed: 1,569
Percentage Passed: 68.7%


PA Version 7
Number of First Time Testers: 2,427
Number Passed: 1,799
Percentage Passed: 74.1%


PA Version 7
Number of First Time Testers: 2,625
Number Passed: 2,027
Percentage Passed: 77.2%

Download Current Exam Report

Ortho Exam Reports

The BOC administers the exam two times a year (February and September). The Orthopedic Practice Analysis is the blueprint used in the construction of the exam.

Download 2022 Exam Report

BOC Sponsored Scholarship

BOC sponsors the Paul Grace Scholarship and Lindsy McLean Scholarship through the NATA Foundation. Both individuals played an important role in cultivating the foundation of the athletic training profession. There is no better way to honor them than with scholarships in their name to support future athletic training leaders.

Contact the NATA Foundation with any questions. Follow NATA Foundation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn when the application periods open.

Apply For Scholarship


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