Athletic Trainers Pump up Care in Orthopedics Clinic

Submitted By Dan Ruedeman, ATC

Dan Ruedeman, an Athletic Trainer with the Orthopedics Clinic at UCH, and Laura Nelson, practice manager, have helped to shift some responsibilities from physicians. The result: improved workflow.

Dan Ruedeman and his fellow Athletic Trainers at the Orthopedics Clinic and the CU Sports Medicine Clinic in Denver, Colorado are working as physician extenders, performing a variety of tasks to ease providers’ workloads.  The goal of the program is to free up time for physicians to see more patients and apply their skills to the clinical issues they are trained to treat.  That’s especially vital in the high-volume sports medicine and orthopedics clinics.

“We allow the physician to complete the visit and move on to the next patient,” said Ruedeman, who focuses primarily on patients with traumatic orthopedic injuries. “That avoids slowing down the clinic and will decrease the wait times for patients. And we’re another go-to person if the physician is not available.”

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