Bring it to the Ballot - Meet Your BOC AT Director Candidates

Voting is now open, and it only takes a few minutes to vote for 1 new representative to serve on the BOC Board of Directors. As a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer (AT), we’re asking you to “Bring it to the Ballot” by casting your vote for an individual to serve as Athletic Trainer Director on the BOC Board of Directors.

To vote, ATs must access their official ballot. Login information was emailed to all ATs from Contact to have another email sent. Otherwise, ATs can vote by using the reminder emails scheduled throughout the election.

After voting, help us to “Promote the Vote” to your AT colleagues in person, on your phone or via social media! This election affects all ATs as BOC Board members make key decisions about the future of the athletic training profession, including the standards of athletic training, requirements to maintain your certification and more.

Voting will be closed as of 11:59pm EDT on October 11, 2018. Please take the time to review the election materials below and cast your vote.

Bob Casmus, MS, LAT, ATCMary Kirkland, MS, LAT, ATC

Bob Casmus, MS, LAT, ATC


Mary Kirkland, MS, LAT, ATC



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