Meet Your BOC AT Director Candidates

Voting is open for 1 new representative to the BOC Board of Directors.

Voting for members of the BOC Board of Directors is both a privilege of your AT certification and a responsibility of importance to the BOC's future. Members of the Board of Directors make decisions about your profession, including the standards of athletic training, continuing education requirements and more. Click here to view the candidates Bio, Résumé, and Video.

To vote, ATs must access their official ballot. Login information was emailed to all ATs from Contact to have another email sent. Otherwise, ATs can vote by using the reminder emails scheduled for Thursday, October 5 and Tuesday, October 10.

BOC AT Director Candidates

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Jennifer D. Rheeling, MS, ATC

Why I Should Be Elected to
the BOC Board of Directors?

My name is Jennifer Rheeling and I thank you for taking the time and initiative to vote in the Board of Certification AT Director election and read my application. I should be elected to the BOC Board of Directors because I am passionate about the profession of athletic training, advocating on behalf of the profession and, more importantly, making sure the standards upheld by an athletic trainer are uniform, rigorous, and universally recognized and respected. When a member of the public sees an athletic trainer, they should know that person is a medical professional who has a unique skill set and a strident desire to protect those they serve and to restore their patients, in any setting, to full health and activity.


René Revis Shingles, PhD, AT, ATC

Why I Should Be Elected to the BOC Board of Directors?

The BOC Board of Director responsibilities include supervision, control direction of the affairs of the BOC as well as its committees and publications; determination of BOC policies or policy changes; promotion of BOC objectives; and supervision over disbursements of BOC funds. Over the course of my career, I have served the BOC as a member of the Role Delineation Study Panel, Certification Examination Examiner (8 years), Certification Examination Item Developer, and most recently on the Cultural Sensitivity Panel. I have had experiences with and provided leadership for these types of responsibilities throughout my career through positions I have held or committees and boards with which I have volunteered. It would be a pleasure and honor use my 30+ years of experience to serve in a leadership capacity on the Board.


Click here to view the candidates Bio, Résumé, and Video.

Voting will be closed as of 11:59pm EDT on October 12, 2017.


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