Organ Donation Saves Lives

By Mackenzie Simmons, ATC

Cameron Lyle, Tom Walter, Paco Rodriquez and Brian Batta all come from an athletic background but have something else in common. They have all saved at least one life through organ donation.

Lyle is a former collegiate track athlete who ended his career early to donate bone marrow to someone in need.  Walter, a Wake Forest coach, donated a kidney to one of his baseball players who was experiencing kidney failure.  Rodriguez went into a coma after repeated blows to the head, which led to death; he saved 5 lives by being an organ donor.  Batta, Michigan State University’s Athletic Trainer, donated a kidney to 1 of his college friends in need.  The heroic and selfless acts of these individuals have blessed those in need with the ultimate gift—life.

National Donate Life Month was in April, with the goal of encouraging people to register as eye, organ and tissue donors.  In addition, it is important to celebrate and remember those who have helped save lives through organ donations.  In 2014, more than 24,000 patients began new lives; however, about 124,000 people are still waiting at this moment for a life-saving miracle.

While becoming an organ donor is the fastest and most direct way to save a life, there are other ways a person can contribute to this cause.  You can donate money, get involved in local or national organizations or create a fundraiser in your community or workplace.  Donate Life America benefits from any and all contributions.

Consider becoming an organ donor, or donating to this cause. You could help save someone’s life.

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