Planting the Seeds for Athletic Training Awareness

By: Cherie Trimberger

BOC Communications Coordinator

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This is the question posed to children by adults from a very early age into young adulthood.

Often children will respond with professions they hear about, see on TV or interact with on a daily basis including police officer, teacher, firefighter or doctor to name a few.  But how do you give a name and face to the athletic training profession?

In the new children’s book, “Do you want to be an Athletic Trainer?” author Marsha L Grant-Ford and contributor Jonathan Ford help to plant the seeds of athletic training awareness in children by offering a glimpse into the exciting world of the certified Athletic Trainer (AT).  This non-fiction book includes descriptions of ATs who work with doctors to keep active people healthy.  ATs are featured in businesses, hospitals, physician offices, sports teams and the rodeo.  The book also mentions ATs working in the military, law enforcement, NASCAR and NASA.

With its colorful pictures and detailed descriptions, children are given a face and name to the ATs they see in their daily lives.  Professional tasks are introduced and explained in captions including patient education; taping and bracing; orthopedic and general medical examination; therapeutic interventions; emergency skills and concussion management.  This book is just one way for children to see a realistic view of the importance of ATs in keeping active children and adults healthy at work and at play.

For more information or to purchase a copy, please visit the following link.


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