The International Arrangement for the Athletic Training and Therapy Profession

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The international profession of Athletic Training and Therapy plays a key role in optimizing care, injury prevention, rehabilitation and supporting the rights of patients and the public to achieve their potential to live well. To support this on a global scale, partnerships are necessary to enhance both patient and population health. As a result, the Athletic Training and Therapy Profession’s credentialing organizations, ARTI (Ireland), BASRaT (Britain), BOC (USA), and CATA (Canada) are working together to develop an International Arrangement that will ensure comparable best practices, quality education, professional standards, and the opportunity for athletic training, athletic therapy and sport rehabilitation professionals to be mobile on a global scale by creating a pathway to challenge each other’s credentialing examination.

Aligning this profession and each organization’s national credentials across international borders requires attention to the principles of validity, reliability, consistency, accuracy, fairness and legal defensibility. To ensure success of the comparability process, and ultimately the International Arrangement, the four international partners are working with International Consultants of Delaware, Inc.*, a division of CGFNS International, Inc. to develop a comparability tool tailored to each organization. CGFNS has been the world’s largest credentials evaluation organization for the nursing and allied health professions since 1977.

The International Arrangement is projected to launch in Summer 2021.

*ICD, a charter member of NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluations Services), is a globally recognized expert in credentials evaluation for education, employment, immigration, licensure, and certification. (taken from ICD website:

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