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Avoid Common Audit Errors

As a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer (AT), your
continuing education (CE) requirements could be audited at any time. The BOC is here to remove the mystery from the BOC continuing education (CE) audit by shedding some light on common audit errors. The audit process validates that Athletic Trainers (ATs) are maintaining continual competence and enhancing their professional skills and judgment. Below are the most common errors to avoid during a CE audit.

Some of the most common CE documentation errors include:

  • In the Evidence-Based Practice Category, submitting the CE quiz rather than the certificate of completion
  • In Category C, not providing an official transcript showing credit hours earned for a college/university course

Some of the most common emergency cardiac card (ECC) errors include:

  • Failing to maintain ECC certification for the entire reporting period, ATs need to maintain continuous certification
  • Failing to provide ECC documentation for the entire reporting period, including expired certifications
  • Providing a letter of completion from instructor or course roster instead of the ECC card or certificate
  • Providing ECC documentation without either a QR code or cardholder signature

If you have any additional questions about the BOC audit, contact for more information. Click here for tips on how to prepare for a CE audit.

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