BOC Approved Provider Focus Group Results: CE Tools to be Enhanced and Refined

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Over the past 18 months, the BOC surveyed BOC Approved Providers and identified that support in the area of continuing education (CE) program development and implementation was key. To dig further into what is needed from the BOC to assist with CE support related to delivery and development of quality programs, the BOC conducted three one-hour focus groups with BOC Approved Providers from various types of organizations from July 25-28, 2022.

Discussion in these groups centered around what is important to BOC Approved Providers, what they envision and expect from an accreditor, as well as what they need in terms of support from the BOC.

  • Topics covered included:
  • Quality continuing education development
  • Innovative continuing education delivery
  • Enhanced support from the BOC
    • CE development and delivery
    • Program requirement fulfillment

Group results confirmed survey findings and indicated that the BOC is on the right path but could improve support through enhancement of resources, tools and communications. A key takeaway was that many resources to support the work of BOC Approved Providers already exist in the BOC’s current program but could be improved through repackaging and increased accessibility.

With the recent addition to the “Standards for BOC Approved Providers ” to strengthen continuing professional educational content through a focus on the clinical bottom line, focus group participants confirmed the desire for clear and simple guidelines and processes to shape and develop quality education. Easy to use and educational tools around program development are desired.

Current program delivery resources available to manage the delivery process include:

Additional discussion feedback indicated the need for the BOC to continue to provide proactive and responsive service related to the administrative aspect of the BOC Approved Provider programs around operations, requirements and deadlines. Again, effective communication and presentation of requirements are desired, and the BOC is committed to repackaging and creating resources based on these conversations with BOC Approved Providers.

The BOC will continue to gather BOC Approved Provider feedback on an ongoing basis and consistently work to shape and refine the tools, resources and support provided.

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