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BOC Approved Providers Can Assist ATs During Reporting, Audit and Beyond

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BOC Approved Providers can help Athletic Trainers (ATs) be prepared to report their CEUs during the reporting period. Check out these helpful tips on how BOC Approved Providers can assist ATs during reporting, audit and beyond.

Tip 1: Enter ALL programs into the BOC Program Directory so ATs can find your programs

All programs must be entered at least 10 calendar days prior to the event including all asynchronous/synchronous events and virtual/F2F events. When entering a program, at least one program offering must be entered for the program to be visible. Entering programs in the BOC Program Directory helps ATs to find your programs as well as report your programs accurately on their reporting form.

Tip 2: Provide a Certificate of Attendance to ATs with correct program information

As a reminder, BOC Approved Providers are required to issue certificates of attendance. If an AT is audited by the BOC, they will be asked to provide a copy of the Certificate of Attendance with the following information:

  • Participant Name
  • Program Title
  • Completion Date
  • BOC Approved Provider Name, Number, Logo
  • BOC Approved Provider CE Statement, including number of CEUs

Tips 3: Be prepared for AT requests for duplicate certificate

BOC Approved Providers may see an increase in requests for copies as the year end draws near and ATs are reporting their continuing education. Please be advised, BOC Approved Providers are required to maintain attendance records for at least five years following the event.

Tips 4: Make sure all contact information is up to date in your BOC profile

All BOC Approved Provider admins must create their own individual BOC profile to connect to the BOC Approved Provider profile. This ensures necessary parties have access to provider information should there be a change in organization staffing. Make sure all contact information is up to date in your BOC profile.

For more information on standards for BOC Approved Providers, visit the “Standards for BOC Approved Providers.” You can also visit the “Approved Providers” page on the BOC website.

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