BOC Certification Exam Tips: Program Director and Candidate Role in Exam Application

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Program directors can help avoid delays for students sitting for the BOC certification exam by understanding their role in the "Exam Application – Step 1” process. We break down the important tips program directors and candidates need to know.

Tip 1. The candidate decides when to apply and sit for the BOC certification exam.

While the program director’s role is to confirm a candidate is enrolled in their final semester/quarter prior to graduation, it is not the program director’s responsibility to determine when a candidate may or may not sit for the exam. Once a candidate meets the exam eligibility requirements, the candidate decides when they would like to apply and sit for the BOC certification exam.

Tip 2. Program directors receive an email to confirm the candidate’s information.

A candidate applies for the BOC exam through their BOC profile. After step 1 of the application is submitted, program directors receive an email to confirm the information. It is the candidate’s responsibility to pay special attention to exam application deadlines and apply soon enough in advance for the application to be processed in a timely manner and to ensure the completion of both steps 1 and 2 of the exam application.

Tip 3. Program directors can manage notifications from the BOC and track candidate approval within their own BOC profile.

Program directors will receive an email when a student completes step 1 of the exam application and should navigate to the “Manage Students” section of their BOC profile to review exam applications often. If the candidate has not received an email from the BOC indicating that “Exam Application – Step 1” has been confirmed, the candidate can contact the program director for additional information.

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Tip 4. If the program director hasn’t approved the candidate, after graduation, the candidate can submit their information to the BOC, to review and confirm “Exam Application – Step 1.”

In the event the CAATE accredited athletic training program is closed or the program director hasn’t confirmed Step 1 of the exam application, the candidate, after graduation, can submit an official transcript with degree and date of degree to the BOC to review and confirm “Exam Application – Step 1.”

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