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BOC Conducts Research on Athletic Training Perceptions

The Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer (BOC) announces an opportunity for all Athletic Trainers (ATs) to voice their opinion and share feedback through an AT wide survey. The project seeks to understand perceptions of the BOC among ATs as well as gain a view of how ATs feel they are seen within the health care community and community overall.

“This is a pivotal time in our profession and we need the voice of Athletic Trainers to better understand the current climate.” said Pat Sexton, President of the BOC when discussing the survey. “We hope that as many ATs as possible will take a few minutes to compete this important survey!”

The BOC hired a St. Louis-based marketing company, Vario, to help with their mission. The company created a survey for the BOC, as well as other materials to help gather information from more respondents. Vario has provided support and perspective for the BOC. They are working together to complete this research.

A survey has been emailed to all Certified Athletic Trainers, and their input will help the BOC in their mission to better understand perceptions of the BOC and athletic training community. ATs should check their inbox to find the survey and complete it by Sept. 30 to help the BOC gather the information needed for this study.

About the BOC

The BOC was incorporated in 1989 as a not-for-profit credentialing agency to provide a certification program for the entry- level athletic training profession. The BOC establishes both the standards for the practice of athletic training and the continuing education requirements for BOC Certified Athletic Trainers (ATs).

The BOC also works with state regulatory agencies to provide credential information, professional conduct guidelines and regulatory standards on certification issues. The BOC also has the only accredited certification program for ATs in the United States and has a mutual recognition agreement with Ireland.

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