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BOC Practice Analysis, 8th Edition May Impact Your Education Program

BOC Practice Analysis, 8th Edition” (PA8) can impact the content within your educational program as you prepare students for the BOC exam. The PA8 is effective for the BOC Athletic Trainer exam beginning with the March/April 2023 exam window. Now is a good time to become familiar with changes as we transition to PA8.

The BOC Practice Analysis identifies essential knowledge and skills for the athletic training profession and serves as a blueprint for exam development and continuing competence programming. To assist educators and program directors in making the transition, PA8 changes and resources are highlighted below.

Practice Analysis, 8th Edition Comparison to Practice Analysis, 7th Edition

This resource outlines what has changed and what remains the same when comparing “Practice Analysis, 7th Edition” (PA7) to PA8. Access this resource on the BOC website.

Crosswalk Comparing BOC Practice Analysis, 8th Edition and CAATE 2020 Standards

A crosswalk overview is also available, which compares PA8 to the “2020 Standards for Accreditation of Professional Athletic Training Programs” from the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). Access this resource on the BOC website.

Domain Name Changes

Three domain names changed as noted below.


Weighting of Domains

Domain weighting also changed per the table below.

New Terminology

AT educators can find new terminology to align with published literature.

  • Risk reduction
  • Health literacy

Additional Resources

Educators and program directors can purchase full PA8 on the BOC website. Free resources including the Content Outline for PA8 and How to Use PA8 are also available on the BOC website.

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