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Changes to 2022 BOC Maintenance Fee Payment Process

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During NATA membership renewal for 2022, you may have noticed that bundling BOC recertification fees was no longer an option. This change was made in July of 2021. Going forward BOC and NATA fees will be paid directly to each organization.


How and when can I pay my 2022 BOC maintenance fee?
The 2022 BOC fee is available to pay on your BOC profile. Additionally, your 2023 BOC fee will be available to pay on your BOC profile early in 2023.


Will I still get a discount on the BOC maintenance fee for being an NATA member?
YES! Being a member of the NATA is encouraged. One of the benefits is discounted BOC maintenance fees. To receive your discount, simply make sure your NATA membership number is active and entered correctly on your BOC profile.

Please reach out to Credentialing Relations at if you have any questions.

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