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CPC Open Comment – Background and Goals

First, we want to acknowledge that our ask for feedback on Continuing Professional Certification (CPC) has prompted discussion on a variety of issues impacting the athletic training profession. We have taken note of this input and all comments. In addition, we’ve learned that many Athletic Trainers (ATs) were unaware of CPC, and the work of ATs at various levels that has gone into this project over several years. We want to provide clarity on the background of CPC, as well as the goals of this open comment period and the concept overall.

Ideas are flowing in Miro! We at the BOC appreciate the time ATs and other stakeholders are taking to provide valuable input that will further shape the initial CPC concept through our virtual whiteboard Miro. We have extended the time period for discussion through Sept. 30 so feel free to interact on Miro and generate ideas for improvement through this date.


As a result of a 2010 report by the Institute of Medicine, the BOC began to explore the benefits of a new system that could provide a comprehensive, effective approach to continuing professional development. Over the past several years, many health care professions, such as nursing, occupational therapy and dietetics, have developed and implemented progressive recertification variations of the CPC concept. The BOC set out to develop the framework for a future recertification program based on sound research and testing that would ensure the future competence of BOC Certified Athletic Trainers in the delivery of services to consumers – in line with National Commission of Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accreditation excellence.

In 2016, the BOC convened the Maintenance of Competence Task Force, which included ATs from a variety of professional settings and members of the strategic alliance, that worked on an ongoing basis and provided regularly communicated updates. Beginning in 2020, the BOC’s volunteer CPC Advisory Panel and Standards Committee, collaborated to develop the current CPC program recommendations after testing many components, including Professional Goals Appraisal (PGA), Competence Assessment Models (CAMs) and Quality Improvement (QI) projects, with successful pilot results.

Open Comment Goals

Please remember that our CPC open comment is an exercise to generate ideas and will shape the way CPC looks in the future. CPC will not be fully implemented until 2024, at the earliest. This gives us adequate time to listen to stakeholders and build a professional recertification program that enhances the athletic training profession and integrates into your practice setting with ease.

To help you provide input, please refer to this online resource document which outlines information about the CPC components and includes definitions and acronyms. In addition, please refer to the project video which shows a high-level view of CPC and what the BOC is trying to accomplish through this open comment period.

Please continue to collaborate with others and provide ideas in Miro!

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