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Emergency Cardiac Care Recertification Reminder – Extensions Impact on Expiration Dates

Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) providers may have adjusted their ability to provide ECC training safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, some providers offered extensions or the ability to renew certifications beyond the recommended expiration dates.

While each ECC provider approached COVID-19 practices differently, Athletic Trainers (ATs) holding an ECC certification are responsible for managing their specific expiration dates, extensions and renewals. Be sure to keep documentation of any awarded extensions or allowed late renewals along with your ECC certification.

As a reminder, ATs must be able to demonstrate ongoing certification in ECC throughout the reporting period. ATs must report and upload current, correct ECC certification to renew their BOC certification.

The BOC will accept documented ECC extensions awarded from your ECC provider(s).Please know that your employer or state regulatory bodies may have different guidelines and it is your responsibility to understand and adhere to policies that these organizations may enforce.

Here are some common ECC providers and their COVID-19 extension policies and guidelines:

Please reach out to your ECC providers about their COVID-19 guidelines and policies if you are unsure if your certification has lapsed.

Learn more about maintaining your ECC certification and the required components for ECC programs here.

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