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Expand Educational Offerings: Become A BOC Approved Provider

In your role as an educator, and also as an Athletic Trainer (AT), you likely have a subject or subjects of clinical expertise that you have researched and maybe have even become an expert in this area. Did you know that sharing this knowledge can be transferred into continuing education units (CEUs) for others on your team (clinical preceptors), and/or ATs and health care practitioners outside your immediate setting?

Advanced clinical knowledge in topic areas like spine boarding, concussion management or other practice areas can become an education program, in which participants could earn CEUs. An example might be to hold a spine boarding skills review session prior to the beginning of the academic year. This could be an event to ensure your entire clinical education team is on the same page, it could provide an opportunity for team building and as a perk these dedicated clinical educators could earn CEUs.

Becoming a BOC Approved Provider expands your ability to offer education in Category A to ATs, which is a required CE category for ATs reporting requirements. Educational activities you may already be planning to host could be eligible for Category A CEUs if you seek and earn BOC approval. If the programs you provide are within the domains of athletic training, at least entry level knowledge* and you are able to meet the administrative requirements (Standards) you could be rewarding your ATs with BOC Category A CEUs for completion of your educational courses. Education you provide to preceptors related to improving the skill of teaching or assessing learning are not eligible for BOC CEUs.

BOC Approved Provider courses are listed on the BOC Program Directory which works to expand your reach to other ATs outside of your organization. As a BOC Approved Provider you are also able to offer CEUs required for the BOC Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedics (BCS-O) credential. As an author (speaker) sharing your clinical bottom line knowledge for a Category A course, you would also receive category A CEUs.

As a BOC Approved Provider you would receive blanket approval to offer unlimited continuing education courses as long as programs are administered within the “Standards for BOC Approved Providers” (Standards).

Reach out today at to find out how to apply to become a BOC Approved Provider.

*Health Care Education Clari?cation

If the program/activity content incorporates tasks from the current Practice Analysis in a substantive manner or has a focus of health care education, it may qualify for CEUs. If the content of the program/activity addresses pedagogy or improving the skill of teaching, or assessing participant learning outcomes, it does not qualify for CEUs. For example, programs related to teaching a clinical skill, documentation or communication involve tasks in the Practice Analysis and quali?es for CEUs. Curriculum design, however, does not represent tasks incorporated in the Practice Analysis and does not qualify for CEUs.

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