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Featured Regulator – Bruce Bronoske

Bruce Bronoske, Jr. has spent four years as the Program Manager for the Washington State Department of Health. He has been employed there for a total of 14 years.

Do you work with other professions besides athletic training

I also work with dental hygiene and dental laboratories.

What challenges do you face on a daily basis?

Rule writing and legislative implementation are probably the most challenging part of my job.

What solutions have helped you the most?

I’ve found that reviewing information from archives has been the most helpful. Being able to see some of the background on previous rules makes it much easier to understand the intent.

How do you use the Board of Certification (BOC) as a resource?

I have received assistance from the BOC several times. They have been very helpful when I am working on updating rules. The BOC has also provided topic ideas and print media brochure templates when we were working on our recent health care media campaign.

What do you enjoy most about being a regulator?

I enjoy working with stakeholders. Being able to clarify rules and assist applicants make the job more enjoyable.

What have you enjoyed the most by attending the CARE Conference?

I have attended the CARE Conference hosted by the BOC twice and found it to be extremely useful. The topics covered are relevant to today’s regulatory challenges. Being able to converse with Athletic Trainers, associations and other regulators brings a much greater perspective.

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