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Goals of PGA: ATs Self-Identify Targeted Areas of Need and Improvement

During the 2020-2021 reporting cycle, the BOC offered Athletic Trainers (ATs) the option to complete a Professional Goals Appraisal (PGA). The PGA tool is used to define individual professional needs and guide selection of activities that will enhance clinical competence and knowledge. The PGA is intended to drive continuing education selections based on a process of needs assessment and goal development.

Review of the 2020-2021 goals, created by participating ATs, shows current interests and needs of ATs. Out of the five domains, Examination, Assessment, and Diagnosis as well as Therapeutic Intervention (domains 2 and 4), were referenced the most. Key terms results associated with each domain were:

Pga Table 001

Additional notes of interest from the results included:

BOC Approved Providers can use such results to help guide selection of subject matter for upcoming program development. We hope to be able to provide more information like this as BOC system enhancements continue to be implemented.

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