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Grow Your Business by Offering Interprofessional Continuing Education (Joint Accreditation)

Interprofessional Continuing Education or Joint Accreditation (JA) allows BOC Approved Providers to provide education to multiple health care disciplines, strengthening your business, expanding your reach and elevating your continuing education (CE) offerings. If you have been looking for a way for your CE business to grow, then JA accreditation might be right for you.

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With each of the below options, your organization maintains BOC Approved Provider status, and the BOC annual fee and annual report requirement will be waived. Review the available options below before taking this valuable next step forward.

Current BOC Approved Provider/ Not a Joint Accreditation (JA) Provider

As a BOC Approved Provider, you can expand the scale and scope of your audience through JA, providing interprofessional continuing education (IPCE) to other allied health care professionals, including Athletic Trainers that are dual-credentialed.

Current JA Provider/Not a BOC Approved Provider

If you are already jointly accredited and your target audiences include ATs, or you are interested in expanding your target audiences to include this profession, we encourage you to consider this option. Simply add BOC in January or July once approved.

Neither a BOC Approved Provider or JA Provider

Start by joining the BOC Approved Provider program now to offer CE to ATs. Then become a JA provider and your organization can award BOC continuing education units or IPCE credit to Athletic Trainers without needing to attain separate program or activity accreditation through BOC. This will be in addition to your ability to offer CE to other designated health care professions.

To review pricing, steps to become a JA provider and other important information, visit the BOC website or the JA website.

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