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How BOC360 Benefits Athletic Trainers – Learn Helpful Login, Dashboard and CE Reporting Form Tips

The BOC is excited for Athletic Trainers (ATs) to explore and utilize all the tools BOC360 provides! BOC360 offers a more streamlined process for ATs to manage tasks and communicate with the BOC


Need help logging in to your BOC profile? Here are some helpful hints:

  • Click reset password and enter your username
  • A reset password notice will be sent
    to the email we have on file
  • Log in with your new password and your above username

In BOC360, ATs can easily report continuing education units (CEUs), catch up on BOC messages and manage their tasks with ease. Below is summary of BOC360 helpful features and tools.


The BOC360 dashboard allows ATs and candidates to view upcoming tasks and stay organized. Here’s how:

  • My Profile – update personal information
  • My To Do List – stay organized to avoid missing deadlines
  • My Upcoming Tasks – plan for upcoming tasks and priorities
  • My Direct Messages – send messages to BOC staff and receive a response within 2-3 business days
  • Message History Report – displays emails sent from the BOC
  • Announcements – displays priorities and initiatives supported by the BOC

The AT dashboard provides access to helpful information and tools offered by the BOC including BOC certification card, self-assessment exams, needs assessment, official verification, state regulation information and much more.


ATs must demonstrate ongoing certification and be current with requirements in Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) throughout the reporting period. Using the “Update ECC Documentation” on the AT dashboard or the continuing education (CE) reporting form, ATs can enter the ECC provider, course title, issue and expiration dates and upload documentation in their BOC profile. Dashboard reminders under “My Upcoming Tasks” and “My To Do List” help ATs keep track of upcoming expiration dates. Candidates can upload ECC to their BOC profile early in the exam application.


The new and improved reporting form was designed to make the reporting process easier for ATs. All previously entered activities in BOC Central for the 2020-2021 reporting period should be reflected within the new BOC360 reporting form and additional activities can be entered with just a few clicks.

  • CE Summary – calculate CEUs and update when an entry is saved
  • Quick Entry – Cat A & EBP – look-up CE programs offered by a BOC Approved Provider for easy reporting

Tip 1 – enter CEUs exactly as they are listed on the certificate

Tip 2 – search for individual session named on your certificate instead of conference or convention name if they are listed individually

  • Category A-D CEUs – record CE activities per category

Tip 1 – enter CEU data manually under the appropriate categories by clicking the add button and selecting activity type

Tip 2 – make edits to previously entered CEU data

  • Complete all 4 Steps of the Reporting Form – report CE entries, ECC entries and documentation uploads, practice survey questions and confirmation statements before navigating to Submission Checklist
  • Submission Checklist – use this to review what is complete and submit your reporting form

Tip 1 – if you see an x under “Status” refer to the “Message” column to see what action is needed

Tip 2 – the submit button only appears if all required items are complete

BOC360 truly makes communicating with the BOC easy and provides tools to stay organized and on top of upcoming activities. Contact us directly through your BOC profile if you have any questions.

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