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How BOC360 Benefits Program Directors and Candidates

We are excited for program directors (PDs), educators and candidates to begin exploring and utilizing all the tools BOC360 provides!

BOC360 includes enhancements to manage personal information, as well as providing some new functions to assist in PD management of candidate information. In addition, communications and workflow for the exam process have been streamlined.

PDs can now:

  • Manage Students (left menu of profile)
    • Applications to Review*
      • Click “Program Confirm” in “Exam Application” column
      • Review information (Exam Application OR Graduation Date Change Application) then click “Next”
        • Click “Approve”
          • Candidate receives outcome notification
        • Click “Reject”
          • Provide a rejection comment and click “Next”
            • Candidate receives outcome notification
            • If candidate corrects error and resubmits form, you will receive another email to review the information again
    • View Previously Approved/Rejected Applications
      • Applications Reviewed
        • Click “Show Applications Reviewed”
    • Access Program Director Reports (left menu of profile)
      • View your program’s results
      • View BOC annual exam reports

*Reminder, you are confirming that a candidate is currently registered/enrolled in their final semester/quarter prior to graduation, or they have already graduated. You are not confirming their ability to pass the BOC Exam.

The BOC360 dashboard allows ATs and candidates to view upcoming tasks and stay organized.

Here’s how:

  • My Profile – update your personal information
  • My To Do List – stay organized to avoid missing deadlines
  • My Upcoming Tasks – plan for upcoming tasks and priorities
  • My Direct Messages – send messages to BOC staff and receive a response within 1-2 business days
  • Message History Report – displays emails sent to you from the BOC
  • Announcements – displays priorities and initiatives supported by the BOC

Candidates can now upload Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC), discipline documentation and special exam accommodation requests to their BOC360 profile. ECC documentation should be uploaded early in the exam application process. Candidates do not need to wait until exam results have been posted to upload ECC documentation or send in official transcripts. Official transcripts should NOT be sent to the BOC until degree and date of awarded degree have been posted. Transcripts must be sent via the methods outlined on the BOC website. Transcripts uploaded to BOC360 profiles will not be accepted.

Dashboard Screen Shot   At Profile

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