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How to Avoid Common BOC Exam Application Mistakes

A student puts forth a great deal of effort into their athletic training studies, working toward successful program completion. Making a mistake during the BOC certification exam application process in the final hours can delay their ability to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a Certified Athletic Trainer. Nothing is more disappointing than an error that stalls progress. To avoid any delay, candidates should apply the four tips below to take their application process to a successful finish.

Use Legal Name – Not Nickname or Shortened Name

Candidates are required to enter their legal first, last name and suffix as it appears on a valid, government-issued photo ID (i.e., driver’s ense, passport, state-issued ID) when creating their BOC profile. The use of incorrect legal name is one of the most common errors.

On exam day, candidates must present both their government-issued photo ID and exam admission ticket that is generated from their BOC profile. Their legal first, last name and suffix as it appears on a valid, government-issued photo ID must match the name reflected on the exam admission ticket. If candidates use a nickname or shortened name, the candidate will not be admitted into the exam. Candidates who have a change of name (e.g., marriage, divorce, second last name, suffix) are required to notify the BOC by completing the name change request found in their BOC profile.


Government-Issued Photo ID BOC Profile Name (Admission Ticket on Exam Day)
Legal first, last name and suffix exactly as it appears on their valid government-issued photo ID (acceptable IDs include driver’s licenses, passports and state-issued IDs). School IDs will not be accepted. BOC profile name under “Personal Information” is used to generate the candidate’s admission ticket on exam day.


Complete BOC Exam Application in Two Steps

The BOC exam application process has two steps. Candidates often complete the first step but then do not complete “AT102: Exam Application” by the exam application deadline. The process is broken down below.

Apply for Exam (step 1 of 2)

  • Candidate completes and submits form
  • Program Director confirms eligibility
  • Candidate is notified of step 1 application status via email

Please note: If it is getting close to the exam application deadline date and the candidate has not yet received an email from the BOC indicating that the first step has been approved, the candidate should contact their Program Director and remind them of the upcoming application deadline. Meeting exam deadlines is the candidate’s responsibility.

Apply for Exam (step 2 of 2)

  • Candidate answers affidavit questions
  • Candidate submits required documentation if they have/had a legal or academic discipline case
  • Candidate submits special accommodation(s) request and supporting documentation, as needed
  • Candidate pays non-refundable application fee and submits form
  • Candidate is sent a confirmation email stating their application has been submitted for review

Note: Applications received by 5 p.m. CT on the application deadline date will be processed within two business days for the current exam window. After the BOC processes applications, the candidate will receive an email from indicating if their application has been approved or needs more information.

Renew NATA Membership to Receive a Discounted Application Fee

The BOC does offer an exam application fee discount to National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) members. However, many candidates forget to renew their NATA membership before applying for the BOC exam. To take advantage of the discount, candidates should make sure their NATA membership is current and that a correct NATA member number is entered in their BOC demographic information before applying for the BOC exam.

Utilize the “BOC Certification Exam Candidate Handbook”

The “BOC Certification Exam Candidate Handbook” is an important resource for candidates and the number one source of information for the BOC exam. This document provides step-by-step information to guide candidates through the entire BOC exam process. During the application and registration process, students must attest to reading and understanding the information within this handbook. Don’t forget about this essential resource and access it in preparation for the BOC exam.

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