In-Depth Look: Athletic Trainer and Private Business Owner

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Anita M. Beauchamp, ATC is an Athletic Trainer (AT) and private business owner specializing in aquatic rehabilitation. She is a certified aquatic rehabilitation specialist and certified aquatic personal trainer and conditioning coach. Beauchamp has been practicing as an AT for 24 years.

Describe your typical day:

I teach aquatic and land arthritis classes for 2 hours in the morning. I have 2 to 3 rehabilitation and training and conditioning clients for the rest of the day until 4:00pm. Six weekends per year, I organize and teach aquatic instructor certification courses. On 1 night a week, I may have a group to certify in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid.

What do you like about your position?

I like that I am able to change my day and make my own schedule. I have more flexibility for my family and time for me to explore my professional growth potential. I have a business partner who is an occupational therapist, and we are growing our practice every day.

What is your greatest achievement as an Athletic Trainer?

Three years ago, I stepped out on FAITH to change my career pathway and to start my own business. I have taken my AT skills along with 20 years of teaching experience in public education and applied it to creating a new business venture.

What advice do you have about your practice setting for a young AT looking at this setting?

Don’t limit yourself to 1 employment setting. You have a vast number of skills which can be transferred to many different careers. The only thing that is limiting you is YOU!

Lastly, you should use each year of your life to focus on out-doing you. In other words, have hobbies, outlets and family surrounding you to help you explore and encourage your dreams.

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