In-Depth Look: BOC Volunteer for the Nominating Committee

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In honor of National Volunteer Month, we are featuring BOC volunteers who serve as BOC board members, committee, task force and work group members and exam item writers. The BOC would like to thank all of our BOC volunteers for their hard work and dedication to the athletic training profession. The BOC welcomes volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. Learn more about volunteer opportunities with the BOC.

Julie Ramsey EmrheinJulie Ramsey Emrhein, ATC is the Supervisor of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine for WellSpan Health in York, Pennsylvania.

1. Describe your setting:

I work in the hospital/clinical setting. I supervise Athletic Trainers (ATs) who are contracted to the local high schools and semi-professional baseball.

2. How long have you been practicing as an AT?

I have been a practicing AT since 1984 (34 years), following my undergraduate at Lock Haven State College ('83) and the University of Virginia ('84). I started my career at the California University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 1984.

3. Name the group(s) you participate in as a BOC volunteer and how long you’ve participated.

I am currently serving on the Nominating Committee. I was a committee member from 2010-2012, and I have been the chair of this committee since 2013.

I was an Athletic Trainer Director on the BOC Board of Directors from 1998-2002. During this time, I served as the Board's Treasurer from 2001-2002.

4. What is the best or most rewarding part about volunteering with the BOC?

The most rewarding aspect is the people I am able to worked with. The BOC Board and the committees are composed of compassionate, caring and dedicated individuals.

5. How has your experience volunteering at the BOC influenced you?

It has influenced me to promote volunteerism to the next generation of ATs.

6. What advice would you give to an AT looking to get involved as a BOC volunteer?

It is the most amazing group of people I have ever been involved with. A wonderful and rewarding experience!

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