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Myth Versus Fact: How to Legally Practice as an Athletic Trainer in Your State

MYTH: BOC automatically sends proof of certification (exam results) directly to state regulatory agencies after the candidate passes the exam.

FACT: It is the responsibility of the newly certified Athletic Trainer (AT) to request official certification verification on their BOC profile to be sent to their state regulatory agency.

Newly certified ATs must take the steps to practice legally in their state. Each state has specific regulations. ATs are responsible for knowing if they need to register, get a license or neither. The BOC offers a state regulation map that shows, state by state, whether an AT needs a license, certification, registration or none of the above. ATs will also find links to important information when they click on their respective state.


ATs can request official verification of their certification for state regulation purposes online:

  • Step 1: Log into BOC profile
  • Step 2: Select “Request Official Verification” from the black menu on the left
  • Step 3: Follow prompts to pay the $25 processing fee and submit the request to the state or employer

The certification verification is immediately sent via secure email to the state or employer.

49 states and the District of Columbia require that ATs must be legally recognized by the appropriate state regulatory agency prior to practicing. Failure to receive authorization from the state they are practicing in is a violation of Code 3.2 of the “BOC Standards of Professional Practice” and may result in disciplinary action against the individual’s certification. It should also be noted that passing the BOC exam does not guarantee the ability to obtain a license to practice, and ATs should carefully review their individual states’ laws. Contact the BOC office with questions.

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