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Orthopedic Specialty Exam Deadlines Shift to Align with Residency Calendar

The BOC’s Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedics (BCS-O) credential – the premier certification in orthopedics for ATs – demonstrates to potential employers and co-workers an increased understanding of the unique value a specialist brings to health care teams. ATs who specialize in orthopedics have specific post-professional education, training and experience, and if eligible can take the Orthopedic Specialty Exam in pursuit of earning the BCS-O credential. Based on the training and testing required for the orthopedic specialty certification, these ATs use advanced clinical decision-making to evaluate and diagnose patients, manage comprehensive care and promote, maintain and restore health.

Specific eligibility requirements can be found here on the BOC website. Path 1 is focused on Completion of a CAATE-accredited residency in orthopedics from 2012 forward and two years of practice experience after BOC certification has been earned. In addition, the Path 2 option is based on hours of professional development and practice.

The Orthopedic Specialty exam takes place twice yearly, and the second offering has been shifted from August to September going forward to align with completion dates of orthopedic residency programs.

Please see visit the BOC website to view exam deadlines. To learn more, visit the Orthopedic Specialty section of our website.

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