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Orthopedic Specialty is Coming Soon!

We are very excited to be launching the orthopedic specialty credential this year, the profession’s first board specialty credential. This will take the ATC® credential to the next level and elevate the perception of athletic training within the health care community.

As we prepare for the specialty launch, we are finalizing many structural details of the credential, as well as informational communications to all Athletic Trainers. In addition, we will be providing messaging/marketing to current and future employers, and to the health care community at large, that articulates the value of this new orthopedic specialty credential.

The first exam is slated for second half of 2021, so BOC volunteer exam writers are working hard developing and validating the item bank. In addition, the full “Orthopedic Practice Analysis” will soon be available on the BOC website and eligibility and continuing education requirements will be finalized very soon and published in March.

Stay up to date on orthopedic specialty certification information and timelines by visiting the “AT Specialties” section of the BOC website at specialties.

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