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Program Directory Entry Process Tutorial

Many BOC Approved Providers (APs) are not taking advantage of the free marketing opportunity provided through the AP program annual fee. The BOC program directory is commonly accessed by Athletic Trainer (ATs) searching for Category A programs to fulfill their continuing education (CE) requirements.

Not only is the BOC program directory CE search tool marketed directly to ATs, but the “Standards for BOC Approved Providers” require APs to enter CE programs into the program directory at least 10 calendar days prior to the event. Programs include all asynchronous/synchronous events and virtual/F2F events.

To assist in this process, the below tutorial walks through the process for program entry in the BOC program directory. If you need any further assistance, please contact the BOC office at

Program Directory Tutorial – Add A Program

If offering a course for the first time, start by logging into your AP profile and selecting “Add New Program” from the black menu bar on the right.

Step 1: Add Program

Under “Program Details” make sure to add the appropriate “Program Title” to your listing should match what is listed on the AP certificate of completion. APs will also add topic, registration link (website links preferred) and mark status as Active. Next, the AP should add difficulty level, CEUs, domain(s), dual credential program (if applicable) and delivery. Make sure to select “Save” after completing each section. Complete the listing by selecting “Add Program” at the bottom.


Step 2: Enter Program Offering

Next, you will see the program entered from Step 1. Be sure to scroll down and select “Add Offering” to complete your listing. Adding the offering at this point is REQUIRED or the program will disappear from the front end of the platform.

Below are some key things to know as you fill out the offering section for your program.

  • Offering End Date – Virtual asynchronous courses might be available for weeks to months(add a new offering if you decide to continue offering a course past its current end date)
  • Cost – This is the program price ATs will see when searching for programs on the public program directory
  • Cap Size – Programs not open to the public should be listed as ‘0′
  • Active – Only “Active” offerings with cap sizes above ‘0′ will be listed in the public program directory. ATs are encouraged to look on the public program directory for eligible programs

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