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Regulatory Process Series – Texas Process for Athletic Trainer Licensure

In this series, we present helpful information from regulatory agencies who have made the process of athletic training licensure easy and efficient, while still upholding state guidelines. Stewart Myrick, program specialist and state operations center representative for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation shares his organization’s experience.

Can you walk us through the licensure process for Athletic Trainers in your state? What is your typical processing time?

Athletic Trainer (AT) applicants are encouraged to submit their licensure applications through our online platform, including submission of official college transcripts. Processing time is usually 7-10 business days for complete applications. This can vary according to the licensure method of the applicant (apprenticeship, BOC/out-of-state licensed, physical therapy, or accredited). This does not include waiting to take the practical portion of our state licensure exam, which is given two to three times a year.

What processes do you use to make athletic training licensure efficient?

Initial applications go through a criminal background check, and we have a section that is devoted to that. Just as we encourage online applications, we use e-mail communications as much as possible.

What challenges do you face regulating the Athletic Trainers practicing in your state?

The primary challenge is preventing unlicensed practice of athletic training. The size of the state, and the opening of new high schools each year makes this more challenging. However, as best as possible, this challenge is being met. There is pride in the Texas athletic training community, particularly with Texas having formally licensed and regulated athletic trainers for over fifty years. That community is very cognizant and compliant with state laws and rules.

How does/will your state use the Board of Certification (BOC) as a resource?

Texas is the only state that doesn’t require the BOC exam as a requirement for state licensure. Currently, we do utilize the BOC website to verify those applicants who are currently certified and are applying via our exam waiver method. We also communicate with BOC regarding licensure trends across the country.

Note: Texas is the only state that administers their own exam; however, they waive the exam requirement for applicants that are BOC certified at the time of application. As a result, not all Texas licensees are BOC certified and/or qualify to take the BOC exam.

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