Self-Assessment Exams – How Program Directors Assign Exam Vouchers

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The BOC Self-Assessment Exam (SAE) is an important resource for students preparing for the BOC certification exam. Each self-assessment exam includes 80 questions that are representative of question types on the BOC exam, including multiple-choice, multi-select, drag-and-drop, hot spot and focused testlets. The BOC offers self-assessment exams in Study and Test modes.

Program Directors can purchase SAE exam vouchers for their students using the steps outlined below.

  • Login to your BOC profile
  • To assign voucher(s), under “Athletic Trainer” click “Take Self-Assessment Exams”
  • To purchase vouchers, click “Vouchers” and select “Purchase Vouchers”
    • Enter the quantity of vouchers you want to purchase then select program name and payment type
  • Print/email receipts by entering the email address and clicking “Send” (receipts can be sent to any email address)
  • See previous purchases by clicking “Vouchers” and “Purchase History”
    • List provides a history of your purchases
  • Assign a voucher by clicking “Vouchers” and “Assign Vouchers for (name of your institution and Bachelor’s or Master’s)”
    • Select the mode of the exam you want the student to take
      • Study mode provides references and answers, but no results
      • Test mode provides a diagnostic report upon exam submission
      • Select “Any Mode” to allow student to take any mode
    • Lastly, click “Assign Voucher” button to assign the exam to a student
      • Multiple students can be assigned the same version/mode by clicking “Assign Voucher” next to each student.
      • If your student(s) do not appear in the “Select Voucher Recipient” section, make sure they have completed steps 2 and 3 in the candidate tutorial
    • If you mistakenly assigned a voucher to a student, click on the “Vouchers” and “My Program Vouchers” link then, click “Reclaim Voucher” to unassign a voucher from a specific student

For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Program Director SAE Tutorial on the BOC website.

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