Spotlight on Standards: Program Evaluation (6.1)

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As a BOC Approved Provider, seeing your continuing education program through the eyes of an Athletic Trainer (AT) can be an eye-opening experience. Feedback from ATs is important insight because it can help identify areas of success, opportunities for growth and improvements needed. That’s why program evaluations are an important part of the “Standards for BOC Approved Providers” and are required by the BOC for compliance. We shine a spotlight on the program evaluation requirement using the table below.

Read on to learn more about this section, or see the full standards document for more information.


  • Providers must develop and conduct evaluations of each program (6.1.1)
  • Feedback from participants shall be solicited on the following areas. (6.1.2)
  • Applicability of program to meet educational needs
  • Program content was practically useful, appropriate and adequately in-depth
  • Achievement of stated learning objectives
  • Effectiveness of teaching and learning methods
  • Quality and effectiveness of faculty
  • Usefulness of educational materials
  • Appropriateness of participant assessment
  • Perception of bias or commercialism

What It Is and It’s Importance

A program evaluation is an appraisal tool that allows BOC Approved Providers to receive feedback on the program’s effectiveness and administration.

Completed evaluations should be reviewed and feedback should be summarized for future program improvements. Feedback should be shared with program faculty as well.

When and How to Complete

Every educational activity must have a program evaluation that measures each of the required components.

New in 2020:

  • Usefulness of educational materials
  • Appropriateness of participant assessment

Use our Participant Assessment and Program Evaluation Combination Template. Q13 includes the new requirements.


Participant Assessment and Program Evaluation Combination Template

"BOC Approved Provider Maintenance Requirements" page 21

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