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Spotlight on the Regulatory Affairs Advisory Panel

The Regulatory Affairs Advisory Panel (RAAP) is made up of state regulators, board members and Athletic Trainers (ATs) who provide expertise and support to BOC regulatory initiatives. This volunteer group helps the BOC gain the expertise of regulatory administrators and board members.

It is important to have expertise from regulators, board members and ATs as they provide insight into education and communication opportunities. In addition, the RAAP provides state regulators with a voice at the BOC and the opportunity to address regulatory issues.

The main responsibilities of the RAAP are related to the BOC Compliance and Regulatory Education (CARE) Conference and updating model language. We provide a brief description below.

BOC CARE Conference

The RAAP is charged with creating and implementing the biannual CARE Conference. The CARE Conference is designed to engage and educate state AT regulators. RAAP members help to develop program topics and identify speakers. They also assist BOC staff with the recruitment of administrators and board members to attend the conference.

Model Language

The RAAP is responsible for regularly reviewing the model language guidelines document. After the review, they make recommendations to the BOC board for additions and/or modifications.

If you are interested in joining the RAAP, the BOC has an opening for a state regulator position beginning of 2024. Visit the BOC website for more information.

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