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Tips for the BOC Exam: Focus on Success

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When BOC exam day is right around the corner, candidates are wondering if they’ve done all they can to prepare. In addition, the anxiety of exam day can begin to set in as the date draws close.

Here are some information and tips to help guide candidates through the exam experience:

Exam is entry-level

Most candidates possess the entry-level knowledge and skills to sit for the BOC exam, as many Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) programs currently teach above entry-level. We encourage candidates to slow down, do not over-think the exam and answer the questions being asked. The exam is about demonstrating knowledge that meets the entry-level bar.

Carefully read exam instructions

Reading the exam instructions carefully is one of our biggest tips! Candidates should practice reading exam instructions, how to approach each item and look for words that are bold or capitalized. Instructions guide exam takers on how to answer the question. For example, if a candidate is given a multiple select item type question that should be answered with multiple correct answers, and the candidate does not read the instructions carefully, they may answer it as a multiple-choice, providing only one answer, resulting in only earning partial credit for that question.

NOT about memorizing content

No matter what tools or resources used to study and prepare for the BOC exam, it should never be about memorizing and brain dumping. The exam is about applying the education gained. Each BOC or other educational resource should be used as a tool to identify potential gaps in knowledge or skills. From this point, candidates should decide how to fill those gaps and develop a plan to do so.

Control exam anxiety

Sometimes anxiety can get in the way of most effectively demonstrating knowledge when taking an exam. We encourage candidates to work on managing anxiety through preparation and practice, as well as controlling variables. Examples include: Do an exam day test run, measure drive time, practice parking at the testing location, find the entrance, sit down in a similar room as testing day, stow away cell phones and treat it just as if taking the certification exam. In addition, because it is hard to sit and focus on an exam for four hours – practice doing that.


In addition to education and knowledge-based preparation for the exam, a few days prior to sitting for the exam, candidates should take time to verify the following items are in hand stepping out the door:

Check ID

Candidates should confirm their first, last name and suffix in their personal BOC Central™ profile matches the legal first, last name and suffix on their valid, government-issued photo ID (i.e., driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID) they will present on exam day. This is important as the exam admission ticket is generated from the candidate’s personal profile in BOC Central. School IDs will not be accepted. Candidates will not be permitted into the exam if their valid, government-issued photo ID does not match EXACTLY with the legal first, last name and suffix as it appears on the admission roster and the admission ticket.

Candidates with more than one last name listed on their government-issued photo ID must have the same last names reflected on the exam admission ticket. This includes any suffix such as Jr, Sr, I, II, III, etc.

Verify Directions

Candidates are encouraged to verify the directions to the exam site.

Check ID Again

Remember, legal first, last name and suffix on their valid, government-issued photo ID (i.e., driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID) that they will present on exam day must match EXACTLY with the first and last name on the admission roster and the admission ticket. School ID will not be accepted. The first and last name on the roster is identical to the one listed in BOC Central.

Bring Exam Confirmation

Candidates were sent a confirmation email from Scantron. On exam day, candidates should print all pages of the confirmation email and bring the pages with them to the testing appointment.

Additional Questions – Contact the BOC via email at or by phone at (877) 262-3926 or (402) 559-0091.

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