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Valuing Professional Licensing in the U.S.

The Alliance for Responsible Professional Licensing* (ARPL) commissioned Oxford Economics to produce a quantitative research study, “Valuing Professional Licensing in the U.S.,” which explores the impacts of professional licensing.

According to the Executive Summary released in January 2021, “…professional licensing of highly skilled workers should be understood and regulated separately from occupational licensing of trades and vocations.” The summary lists the following as reasons why:

  • “Its wage impact is different in size from that of lower-skill vocations;
  • It appears to substantially support women and minorities move toward wage parity, and this is only true among highly skilled workers according to our model findings; and
  • The level of risk and responsibilities involved in these professions calls for greater scrutiny over these roles and the repercussions of blanket deregulation for public safety and welfare could be considerable.”

For reference, you can review the final full report.

*The ARPL: promotes a responsible, balanced approach to professional licensing. The ARPL advocates for licensing practices within professions that deliver uniform qualifications, standards, safety and consistency, while also providing individuals with a clear career path and fair opportunities to pursue and maintain that career.

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