VIDEO: BOC Town Hall Meeting – CE Requirements, Common Reporting Errors and Avoiding Audit Pitfalls

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In the latest virtual Town Hall Meeting, BOC Executive Director Denise Fandel answers questions CE requirements, common reporting errors and avoiding audit pitfalls.  The questions discussed in the meeting are listed below.  Tune in and Be Certain ™ your questions are answered!


Questions Answered in Virtual Tour Hall Meeting

1. If I was certified in 2014, do I need to pay the 2014 certification maintenance fee?

2. Can I pay both NATA and BOC fees together?

3. Why are our state licenses so expensive?

4. Why are CEUs so expensive?

5. Can ATs take an online ECC course?

6. Does being an instructor of a CPR course count for my ECC requirement?

7. Do ATs earn CEUs for taking a CPR instructor course?

8. Do ATs earn CEUs for ACLS certification?

9. What should an AT do if they have lost their ECC card?

10. What happens if an AT has a lapse in their ECC certification?

11. How do ATs enter their ECC cards onto their reporting form?  Do we need to continue to send in our updated ECC card every two years?

12. What is a contact hour?

13. How was the number of 50 CEUs decided on?

14. If I have recently become certified (in 2015), how many CEUs do I have to complete and by when?

15. How was the number 10 determined for required EBP CEUs?

16. How do you balance time dedicated to being an AT versus time that is needed to get required CEUs?

17. Can ATs carry over extra CEUs to the next CE reporting period if they earn more than the required number of CEUs for the current reporting period?

18. How do ATs know what category to report CEUs in?

19. Do ATs earn CEUs for teaching courses about athletic training?

20. Do ATs earn CEUs for speaking?

21. Do ATs earn CEUs for writing articles related to athletic training?

22. What type of college courses are acceptable for BOC CEUs?  Do ATs need to submit their official transcript?

23. Do non-approved CEUs count towards the 50 total required CEUs?

24. How does the BOC’s continuing education requirements compare to similar professions?

25. Do you recommend specific online organizations to obtain CEUs from?

26. I attended a CE course that was not great quality, or I am concerned that they wasted my time.  What do I do?

27. I would like to see more CE programs available for ATs that work in non-traditional fields that could include industrial and ergonomic topics.

28. I would like to see more local providers approved in my area.  What can I do to encourage CE providers to apply?

29. Please elaborate on the EBP requirement and why it is now a requirement.

30. My concerns relate to the amount of opportunities for learning related to the evidence based requirement.

31. Where can a NATA member find free CEUs in EBP?

32. How do you know if a course meets the EBP requirement or if it is approved for EBP CEUs?

33. If I took a program that is not on the EBP approved list, can I submit it for consideration?  My program title includes the word “evidence.” Does it count for the EBP Category?

34. I have taken EBP college courses at my university.  Will these count for EBP CEUs?

35. I am a retired AT. Do I need to complete the EBP requirement?

36. Will the NATA clinical symposium in 2016 offer live EBP CEUs?

37. I attended a district meeting that had EBP sessions.  What’s the best way to report these?   Is there a specific code?

38. Should ATs submit all of their CEUs at once?  Can ATs report them as they are earned throughout the 2-year period?  Are ATs required to enter a specific number of CEUs each year?

39. Where do ATs look to see how many CEUs they have entered?

40. I want to report a college course that meets the requirements for Category C.  What is my date of completion?

41. I have graduated from a post professional CAATE accredited program.  Can I count both EBP CEUs and individual courses in Category C?

42. I have recently changed my name. Will a name change this late in the reporting year cause problems?

43. What documentation should I keep in case I am audited?

44. What is the most common mistake ATs make when reporting CEUs?

45. How are ATs selected for the audit?

46. I have had a few life changes occur over the last two years and I would like to request an extension.  What is the process to do so?

47. Will I lose my certification if I don’t get my requirements completed by December 31, 2015?

48. If you are currently not working as an Athletic Trainer, can you put a holdon your credentials?

49. Can ATs retire their certification and come back at a certain point and practice as a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer?

50. Looking ahead to the 2016-2017 reporting period, will there be any changes

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