VIDEO: Virtual Town Hall Meeting Answers Questions About Evidence Based Practice

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BOC Executive Director Denise Fandel answers questions about Evidence Based Practice (EBP) during an August 28 virtual Town Hall meeting.  The questions discussed in the virtual Town Hall meeting are listed below.  Tune in and Be Certain ™ your EBP questions are answered!

Questions Answered in Virtual Tour Hall Meeting

1. As a high school athletic trainer, what are the advantages of using EBP in my practice?

2. Why was notification about EBP late and we still need 10 hours?

3. Are there EBP CEUs offered as part of our yearly NATA membership fees? What can be done to offer more EBP CEU opportunities that can be purchased with CEU Bucks? Why does the NATA not allow us to use all of our CEU bucks for EBP courses?

4. Is the Clinical EBP application process going to be simplified?

5. Why do the Home Study courses with textbooks and an actual graded test not count toward EBP CEUs?

6. Why are there not any EBP courses on nutrition? Many of us practice in different settings! For example - health & wellness coach. Why aren''t there any wellness related EBP courses?

7. Will there be more EBP courses available before the end of the year? The choices are still limited and do not necessarily meet my needs.

8. Will there be more EBP courses available before the end of the year? The choices are still limited and do not necessarily meet my needs.

9. EBP is a very broad concept. Is a system being developed to make it easier for us to know the type? For example, does the program use new research vs. meta-analysis?

10. Why do we have to do 10 extra EBP CEUs? That is very expensive.

11. Would it be better to make ALL CEUs meet EBP requirements? What makes EBP so special that it needs to be in a separate category? Why is there a separate EBP category when the current emphasis in most courses we take are on the current evidence?

12. Why was EBP added?

13. Why does it cost to have an EBP application reviewed?

14. How can the quizzes at the end of an EBP program be better used? If the goal is to improve practice, then shouldn''t the quiz be practice-focused and not regurgitation?

15. Why are so many EBP test questions statistical and not medical injury care?

16. Most of the EBP programs are limited in content and very expensive (register, travel, hotel, meals, etc.).  Why can''t the BOC make it free?

17. Why is there now a 2-year reporting period, instead of the previous 3 year period?

18. How was the number 10 determined for EBP CEUs?

19. May an AT attempt to "test out" of an EBP course?

20. What are the BOC''s strategies for Athletic Trainers to incorporate evidence based principles in every-day practice?

21. Will there be changes in how EBP CEUs are reported by BOC Certified Athletic Trainers (number of CEUs, separate category, etc.)?

22. Why is it difficult to get presentations approved for EBP?

23. Can masters’ level courses in Research Methodology or other college courses be counted as EBP?

24. Do online EBPs have the same value for time spent as "hands on" EBPs?

25. Why are you holding this webinar in the middle of a work day?

26. How does the Mayo Clinic in Rochester possibly get all 11 hours EBP and those seminars in the Twin Cities can hardly get 1-2?

27. After an EBP course expires, can the provider use the original verbiage & update w/current research based info?

28. What criteria does a course need to meet be considered an EBP course

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