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Why Become a Jointly Accredited Provider?

Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Education™ (JA) offers organizations the opportunity to provide continuing education (CE) activities for multiple professions through a single, unified application process, fee structure and set of accreditation standards without needing to obtain separate accreditations. JA is the first and only process in the world offering this benefit.

The JA has expanded its CE reach to include the athletic training profession. As a result, this opportunity is available to you as a BOC Approved Provider.

Jointly accredited providers may choose to award single profession or interprofessional continuing education credit (IPCE) to Athletic Trainers (ATs) and other health care professionals, as our standards align.

The BOC is now working in collaboration with JA with the goal to provide the benefits of a unified accreditation process that will support the efforts of providers serving ATs to deliver high-quality, effective CE.

Making this move can help you:

  • Expand your reach to ATs and other health care professions – separately or together
  • Increase operational efficiencies, saving time, money and resources
  • Gain visibility and credibility – use the JA mark in promotional materials
  • Increase program value, quality and integrity

You can choose to apply for joint accreditation; if you achieve it, you will have the option of adding the BOC, for $1,500 per year; this fee is in addition to the fees for application and accreditation. As a result, the BOC annual fee and annual report requirement will be waived, but your organization will retain standing as a BOC Approved Provider. As such, you will still have access to the new BOC program directory targeting 55,000 ATs to promote your offerings.

Jointly accredited CE providers must meet rigorous standards for educational quality and independence – including the “Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education.” With the joint accreditation initiative, we seek to assure the public that health care teams receive education that is designed to be independent, free from commercial bias, based on valid content and effective in improving the quality and safety of care delivered by the team.

As a JA Provider you will use the JA accreditation statement located here:

With this collaboration, JA includes 10
professions, supporting educators in delivering high-quality, effective IPCE
that demonstrably improves interprofessional collaborative practice and patient
care. For more information about the history, benefits and JA requirements,
please see the Joint Accreditation Framework: Advancing Healthcare
Education by the Team, for the Team.

“This collaboration
directly supports our strategic priority to increase the number of providers we
have that are accredited by other accreditors in the health care profession.
Our goal is to align with other health care accreditations and mirror our
standards and policies to become more like-minded. This opportunity makes it
easier on providers who serve multiple health care professions, streamlining
the process to reach professionals. Overall, this process serves Athletic
Trainers, elevating the profession and fostering an interdisciplinary approach
to learning in health care.” – Allison Hunt, MA, Senior
Manager of Professional Development, Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer

“Now, more than ever, health care teams are
called upon to deliver optimal care in an uncertain, complex and challenging
environment. Our collaboration with our colleague accreditor, BOC, recognizes
the vital contributions of Athletic Trainers to improving collaborative
practice. Jointly accredited organizations can now bring more professions
together to learn from, about, and with each other, with the common goal of
building strong, inclusive teams that can better meet the needs of the patients
and communities we all serve.” – Kathy Chappell, PhD, RN, FNAP, FAAN; Kate
Regnier, MA, MBA; and Dimitra Travlos, PharmD, Cofounders, Joint Accreditation
for Interprofessional Continuing Education

If this seems like this opportunity is a good fit for your organization follow these next steps:

  • Begin your initial application to join the JA by reviewing the eligibility requirements (application deadlines are prior to June 1 and October 1 each year)
  • Once approved, you will add each accreditor to your profile that is most appropriate – including the BOC.
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