Year End Time Management Tips

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By: Cherie Trimberger

BOC Communications Coordinator

It’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end.  As the leaves turn colors, the weather become colder and pumpkin-flavored everything becomes available everywhere, from Starbucks to The Cheesecake Factory. Meanwhile, an important deadline for Athletic Trainers (ATs) is swiftly approaching.  There are only a few months left for ATs to complete their continuing education (CE) requirements.  The current reporting period ends December 31, 2015.

Applying an effective time management strategy is important in maintaining your certification.  Here are some tips to help you to manage your time and prepare for the end of the year.

Know Your Certification Requirements

Athletic Trainers (ATs) are required to complete the following to maintain their certification:

- Standards of Professional PracticeATs are required to comply with the BOC Standards of Professional Practice, which consists of Practice Standards and the Code of Professional Responsibility.

- Emergency Cardiac CareATs must maintain ongoing Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) certification at the Basic Life Support/Professional Rescuer level or beyond.

- Certification Maintenance FeeATs are required to pay an annual certification maintenance fee.

- Continuing EducationATs must complete a predetermined number of continuing education units (CEUs) during the certification maintenance period. The current period ends December 31, 2015.

- ATs certified in 2013 or before must complete 50 CEUs, which must include at least 10 Evidence Based Practice (EBP) CEUs.

- ATs certified in 2014 must complete 25 CEUs, which must include at least 5 Evidence Based Practice (EBP) CEUs

Stay Organized with 2015 Certification Requirement To-Do List

There are lots of great resources on the BOC website,, to help you find CE courses and get answers to questions about your CE requirements.  One very helpful tool is the 2015 Certification Requirement To-Do List.

A great way to stay organized is to print this to-do list and place it in some place you’ll be able to see  every day, whether it be your office at work or refrigerator at home.  As you complete your requirements, start checking them off the list.

Don’t Forget your Evidence Based Practice Requirements

The EBP category deserves a second look as you work through your CE plan.  As you may know, the BOC announced the EBP requirement in 2012, so ATs must now complete a minimum number of continuing education units (CEUs) in this category.

Fortunately, fulfilling your EBP CE requirement is just like completing any other CE program.  Simply make sure that, out of your total CEUs due, you have completed the minimum amount required from the EBP category.

You can find EBP CEs on the BOC website at (Hint: You can filter by several criteria by clicking the column headers.)  Click on the provider name for contact information for the program you want to take. Some course titles also contain links for additional information.

Approved CEs include both live and home study courses, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to check this requirement off your to-do list.  Begin with a Foundations of EBP program if you’re new to EBP principles.  Then, or if you are already familiar with EBP principles, move on to Clinical EBP programs in your areas of interest.

Don’t Wait to Record Your CEUs

Just imagine, it’s New Years Eve December 31, 2015, you log onto your computer to record your CEUs and the power goes out.  Or maybe your computer crashes, anything can happen when you wait last minute.  Maintaining your CE requirements is paramount to keeping your certification and your ability to work in the athletic training profession.  Don’t take this responsibility lightly and be proactive about recording your CEUs.

An AT who has reported CE activity online can log in to his/her personal profile in BOC Central™ and see the number of CEUs they have entered.  ATs who mail their CE reports to the BOC will not be able to see the CEUs entered in BOC Central™ until the CE report is received and processed by the BOC.

Here is how to record your CEUs online on BOC Central™

1. Log in to BOC Central™

2. Complete AT203 - Continuing Education Reporting Form (due by 12/31/2015)

- In the "Forms" section, click "Enter/Report CE Activities"

- In the "New Forms" tab, select AT203

- Enter details of CE activities

- Click "Save for Later" button until you have met the minimum CE requirements and are ready to submit your final report

- Return to the form in the "In-Process" tab to enter additional CE

- Click "Submit" button ONLY IF you are completely done entering CE and ECC for the current reporting period and have validated the confirmation statements

Just don’t forget to record your CEUs online or by mail by December 31, 2015.

Don’t Be Afraid to Contact the BOC with Questions

Questions? Comments? Email us at or give us a call at (877) 262-3926 (877-BOC-EXAM). You can also leave your thoughts below or send us a message via Facebook or Twitter.  We want to hear from you and answer your questions.  Don’t wait.  Contact us today

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