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Athletic Trainer Elevator Speech – How to Convey the Value of the ATC® Credential

Newly certified Athletic Trainers (ATs) are proud of the recent accomplishment of earning the ATC® credential and look forward to their first role in supporting patients. Fellow ATs understand the knowledge and expertise gained in preparation for the BOC exam, but how should an AT convey their value to members of the general public, or to other health care providers in professional settings that may not quite understand what they contribute to the health care team and what impact they make on a daily basis?

Among the general public, the term “Athletic Trainer” can be misunderstood and misconstrued. The variety of settings within which ATs practice only adds to the confusion. ATs practice in professional, college, high school, occupational, performing arts, hospital and clinical environments, as well as working with military and law enforcement.

Assisting new ATs in their goal to effectively communicate their level of expertise, knowledge and the day-to-day impact they have, helps them to promote themselves, as well as the profession at large.

Here’s a concise Elevator Speech that can assist when someone asks: “What is an AT?

“I am an
Athletic Trainer. I am a multi-skilled, nationally certified and state licensed
(if applicable) health care professional who provides service and treatment while
working in collaboration with physicians and interdisciplinary medical teams. I
help athletes, employees, performers, public service workers and other patients
perform their best daily and experience fulfilling lives. My work spans
proactive risk assessment and preventive care, medical condition diagnosis and injury
treatment and rehabilitation. I am an adaptable, essential, reliable
professional within the health care continuum providing quality care.”

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