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BOC Volunteer Spotlight – Patricia Aronson, PhD, ATC

The BOC would like to take this opportunity to thank all our BOC volunteers who serve as BOC board members, committee, task force and work group members and exam item writers. The BOC welcomes volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. Visit the BOC website, to learn more about volunteer opportunities with the BOC.

In this feature, we would like to spotlight Patricia Aronson, PhD, LAT, ATC of District 3; Aronson currently serves on the BOC Nominating Committee. In addition, Aronson has been active for many years serving in varied positions at the national, district and state levels of the athletic training profession.

Aronson has been a Certified Athletic Trainer since 1982 and is currently employed by the University of Lynchburg as a professor of athletic training.

Why is volunteering for the BOC important to you?

I was recruited to serve on the Nominating Committee by the chair and my own college (Canisius) AT, Pete Koehneke. When he called me to ask if I would serve, I was just rolling off the NATA Board of Directors as Director of District 3 and was chairing the newly formed NATA LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee. I was tired and I was busy, but I could not say, “no” to Pete.

What is the best or most rewarding part about volunteering with the BOC?

I’ve always had great respect for the BOC and the work they do in providing excellent credentialing for ATs. I was a BOC examiner for many years and always enjoyed that activity. Working on a committee with Pete is rewarding. All of the small group interactions that come with serving the profession, on committees or in service projects, is a great reward to me.

How did you first come to know about a BOC volunteer opportunity?

Pete called me!

What advice would you give to an AT looking to get involved as a BOC volunteer?

First, read the emails/newsletters sent to all ATs via email to see what positions are open. Second, let your state president and district director (and president) know you are interested in serving. Third, be very proactive in gaining the volunteer position that will either fill your gap in knowledge, give you an expertise at your worksite, or provide engagement satisfaction (e.g. HAVE FUN!).

How has your experience volunteering at the BOC influenced you?

I have really enjoyed working with the folks on the Nominating Committee, as well as Shannon Fleming, vice president of credentialing at the BOC. The BOC is a great professional organization with wonderful leaders. There are great AT and staff leaders, who are role models for all of us in leadership positions, in the BOC organization.

This article was originally published in the 2022 summer “Cert Update” newsletter.

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