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Get Ahead: 2022-2023 Certification Maintenance Requirements, Resources & Reporting

When an Athletic Trainer (AT) renews their national BOC certification, it shows they value professional development and are committed to providing public protection.

The BOC sets the national standards for certification. Defined continuing education (CE) requirements are intended to promote continued competence, development of current knowledge and skills and enhancement of professional skills and judgment. The BOC is your partner in promoting excellence in practice throughout your career and as such, we provide tools and resources to assist all ATs in this important process.

As you map out your CE needs for the 2022-2023 certification maintenance period ending Dec. 31, 2023, take advantage of BOC resources to define your goals and guide you through the requirements. Whether you are just starting to think about completing CE activities, or already well underway, these tools can help you effectively implement and complete your certification maintenance plan.


As a reminder, the previous Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) designation has been removed as a separate category and has been integrated into Category A for the 2022-2023 certification maintenance period. Through evaluation and the evolution of the BOC Approved Provider Standards since 2016, the Standards Committee determined that BOC Approved Providers are incorporating evidence-based practice principles into all Category A programs. As such, BOC Approved Providers are meeting the charge of offering quality CE based on evidence.


For the 2022-2023 certification maintenance period, Category A specific requirements include a minimum of 10 continuing education units (CEUs) (if 50 CEUs due) or 5 CEUs (if 25 CEUs due). Listed below are options for earning Category A CEUs.

BOC Approved Provider Programs

Programs approved through BOC Approved Providers can be found in the program directory.

Competence Assessment Modules

Competence Assessment Modules (CAMs) can increase ATs clinical expertise through professional article review and assessment. ATs can access CAMs in their BOC profile from the menu on the left.

Two topic choices:

Cultural Literacy – 3.5 Category A CEUs for $35

Mental Health – 7.5 Category A CEUs for $50


ATs must complete a defined number of CEUs during each certification maintenance period. Options are also available within categories B-D to fulfill requirements. A current breakdown of options by category can be found on the BOC website.


Access the CE reporting form through your BOC profile. You can easily submit CEUs, review any previously entered CEUs for accuracy and get organized for submission needed by the end of 2023. The CE reporting form is designed to make the reporting process quick and easy for ATs. Detailed instructions on reporting

within the CE reporting form can be found in the “2022-2023 Certification Maintenance Requirements” under the BOC360 Tutorial. Below are some tips related to the use of your CE reporting form.

CE Summary – calculates CEUs and updates when an entry is saved

Quick Entry – Cat A – saves time with quick look-up of CE programs offered by BOC Approved Providers

• Tip 1: enter CEUs exactly as they are listed on the certificate

• Tip 2: search for individual sessions named on your certificate instead of conference or convention name if they are listed individually

Category A-D CEUs – makes entering CE activities quick and easy

• Tip 1: enter CEU data manually under the appropriate categories by clicking the add button and selecting activity type

• Tip 2: make edits to program under the appropriate categories by clicking the edit button

Submission Checklist – confirm all CE requirements, ECC, practice survey and confirmation statements have been completed before submitting

Please note: Steps 1-4 on the CE reporting form must be completed to submit the form. A pending form means at least one of the four steps has not been successfully completed.

In addition to completing outlined CE by Dec. 31, 2023, there are ANNUAL requirements due at the end of both 2022 and 2023. The requirements include payment of certification maintenance fees, completing an attestation of compliance with “BOC Standards of Professional Practice” and uploading your current Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) card/certificate or confirm current ECC certification. Check the clickable My To Do List on your BOC profile dashboard to complete any of these action items.

This article was originally published in the 2022 winter “Cert Update” newsletter.

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