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Join Us for CARE Conference 2022

Following cancellation of the in-person CARE Conference (Compliance and Regulatory Education: Best Practices for Athletic Training) in 2021 due to COVID-19, we are excited to announce that we are back for 2022.

Join us as we explore regulatory best practices and trends. Program topics will empower Athletic Trainer (AT) regulators and leaders in developing strategic initiatives and resolutions to protect the public.

The conference will feature subject matter experts discussing various activities currently taking place within regulatory affairs.

Program sessions will enable participants to:

  • Identify best practices in processing disciplinary cases
  • Describe how regulators navigate complex disciplinary cases (i.e., sexual boundary issues) by implementing best practices
  • Describe the role regulators play in the well-being of licensees
  • Summarize recent case law that may have an overall impact on occupational regulation
  • Describe BOC strategic initiatives and how they impact regulators and AT regulations
  • Describe how a compact may be beneficial for ATs and the role regulators play in developing a compact
  • Describe how ATs are using telehealth to better understand how to regulate telehealth practice

This year’s event will take place July 15-16 at the Omaha Marriott Downtown at the Capitol District, 222 N. 10th Street in Omaha. The BOC will fund hotel accommodations for up to two nights for one representative from each state regulatory board/agency.The registration fee and travel expenses will be your responsibility.

The $300 registration fee includes breakfast, lunch and an evening reception on Friday and breakfast on Saturday.The conference begins at 8:00am CT on Friday, July 15 and ends at 12:30pm CT on Saturday, July 16.

Additional guests who would like to attend the conference can register on the State Regulatory Conference page of the BOC website. Again, the registration fee is $300 per person. The hotel rate for additional guests is $159 + room tax per night (unless sharing a room with the “Invitee” registrant):

For registration and program information check the BOC website.

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