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Occupational Licensing Portability Webinar – BOC CARE Educational Series

As part of the BOC CARE EDUCATIONAL SERIES a webinar event was held May 12, 2021 which explored occupational license portability. The webinar, The State of Licensure Portability, was presented by Dan Logsdon, manager of the Council of State Governments and its National Center for Interstate Compacts.

The webinar covered population and profession specific policies related to occupational licensure portability, as well as reciprocity, which has huge impacts on health care delivery and public safety.

Key points of interest covered include:

  • Trends in occupational licensure portability
  • Methods used to approach portability
  • Interstate occupational licensure compacts
  • Universal licensing laws
  • Difference between interstate occupational licensure compacts and universal licensing
  • Federal scrutiny of state occupational licensure regimes and lack of portability
  • Identify relevant resources

To learn more, watch the full event below. The full presentation slide deck, which includes many resources, is here.

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