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When Will I See My BOC Exam Results?

Each BOC exam administration window is approximately two weeks, and it takes another two to four weeks for results to be posted once that window has closed. During the post-exam window, psychometric analysis is completed to ensure exam fairness and integrity.

The below video explains the BOC exam scoring process and psychometrics model the BOC uses and how it affects the timing of delivering BOC exam results to candidates.

The validity of the BOC certification exam depends on a quality testing process. Results that candidates earn need to be accurate estimates of their proficiency in athletic training. The process BOC employs ensures accurate pass/fail decisions based on candidate performance.

The BOC ATC® exam is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and all exam policies and procedures align with NCCA Standards. As an accredited credentialing organization, the BOC is required to continually validate exam performance and scoring using statistics to drive that validation process.

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