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BOC Updates Results Notice Format

Beginning with the March/April 2021 exam administration, the BOC will be implementing a revised exam results notice for candidates that are unsuccessful on the BOC exam. Going forward, when an unsuccessful candidate receives their results notification, it will show an overall exam score at the top, while providing basic descriptive feedback related to personal performance level within each domain in comparison to a reference group of candidates receiving a passing score.

Within the Domain Level Performance Compared to Passing Candidates column, results will now be represented by three levels:

  1. Comparable
  2. Marginally Lower
  3. Considerably Lower

The goal of this revised approach is to provide candidates who are unsuccessful on the exam an ability to better understand personal performance levels within each domain. This information in turn can be used to develop a focused and effective study plan for retaking the exam, if needed.

For example, a domain receiving a Considerably Lower result may warrant a prioritized amount of focus when preparing for re-examination, while a Marginally Lower performance mark may indicate an area in which a candidate could spend a mid-level of time reviewing*.

Please contact the BOC Credentialing Department with any questions or concerns at or (877) 262-3926.

*Candidates should not assume that comparable performance in a domain will automatically occur on a next attempt. While these domain level performance descriptors may help guide study efforts, it is important that they study all domains when preparing to retake the exam. Having a thorough knowledge of the “Content Outline for the Practice Analysis, 7th Edition,” which provides the percentage of questions from each domain represented on the exam can help guide study efforts as well.

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